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Woodworking Services in Oakland, Florida. Specializing in custom wood furniture and cabinets.

We are an Oakland-based woodworking company that has been providing woodworking services to the community for several years. We work with our clients to create custom pieces of wood furniture or cabinets that will match the style of their home. Whether you are looking for something small like a coffee table or large like a dining room set, we can help!

What is woodworking and what can it do for you

Woodworking is the art and science of cutting, shaping, joining, or finishing wood. It can be as simple as building a small wooden stand for your living room or it could involve creating intricate architectural details on the interior of an office building. The possibilities are endless!

Woodworking is not only about using wood to create products but also designing them graphically by drawing and modeling. Custom furniture allows you to add a beautiful unique touch to your home or office.

Why choose us over other companies

We believe that woodworking is more than just a hobby, it’s an art form. We are committed to helping our customers design their perfect space whether that be in the home or office.

We have been performing woodwork for many years and we take pride in what we do. Our reviews speak for themselves

We are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that we will protect your property. We also offer a variety of installation services for our customers to choose from depending on the scope of their project.

Our process – from design to completion

Our process is unique in that we work collaboratively with you, the customer. We want to make sure that your woodworking is exactly what you expect it to be by providing a free quote and consultation for each project.

We start out by taking measurements of your space so we can design something just for you. Your new piece will be custom-built according to your specifications and we always use real quality wood for all our projects.

How we work with our clients

Our process involves a customer consultation to make sure their project is exactly what they expect it to be. We start out by taking measurements of your space so we can design something just for you, our communication is very important so we make sure to keep you up to date with the progress of your piece. And we also ensure a clean and orderly project, upon completion we make sure your space is left cleaner than when we arrived.

Contact information and how to get in touch with us today!

Want to explore how our services can help you? Call: (407)-242-8059, or by visiting the contact page and complete the form to request a free inspection. You can also email us directly at sales@adroitpropertysolutions.com

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